~ View the brief slideshow below of Ouray Colorado...then read about the trip and watch the video below!!!
GEEEEEZZZE!!! .. I've been busy. I did ask the good Lord to keep me occupied while pregnant, and he sure has!  I was happy to jump at the opportunities to volunteer and help out other fellow runners for once. This entire past month has been traveling from Ouray Colorado and back then onto Leadville.  In both locations, I volunteered at the 100 mile events.

 Ouray was an exciting adventure,  for I have never been there before. The towering mountains, waterfalls, and technical hikes would be unlike any other I have seen. Jagged edges set these southwest Colorado mountains a part from the typical hilly views from the Denver foothills and the scorching sun lets you know just how high up you really are. If you are looking for a CHALLENGING, BEAUTIFUL, MOUNTAIN TRAIL 100 Miler...Ouray 100 is it!!!   www.everrunracing.com

Marking the course, manning an aid station, and answering running questions were all achieved over the weekend.  Meeting new friends, experiencing life from the "other side" of the aid station table, and learning a pregnant lady cannot pull an all nighter were also included :) Of course the event would not be complete if a Bear wasn't involved...I think you all should just start calling me "Bear" ...short for Bear Magnet. This time, our camping neighbors decided to leave their cooler out (about 10 feet from our tent of course)...and I awoke around midnight to hear the sloshing and banging. My immediate thought was, BEAR!...But looked down to see my dogs sleeping peacefully (exhausted from the double hike we did that day-some protectors the are!).  The noise continued and I listened as I could picture what was going on outside in my head. It was indeed a bear, the neighbor was trying to talk to it (yeah :) and then ran to his truck to get inside.  The alarm went off just 2 hours later (an early 2am wake up call to get the aid station up and going for the 4am start!). My friend Erin and I hustled out to the bathroom.  I didn't say anything about what was going on, because a part of me actually thought I was just pregnant crazy, but wouldn't you know it, ... I was right! Wyatt met us anxiously outside the bathrooms to tell us the news. "There is a bear outside of our tent!..the dogs are okay and are put away in the car." Wyatt says.  All of us rapidly got our things together while the bear ate his dinner out of the neighbors cooler and we took off. 

The next week was a little more laid back. I spent the week at Twin Lakes and in the Leadville area with client Justine, friend David, and many more running friends for the Leadville 100. You can view the video below for the visual story :) 

5 months pregnant +... I made my way to my hometown of Alpena Michigan. The week would be full of adventures with my family and especially my nieces Shelby, Savana, Emma and my nephew Garrett. 

First on the list was the Waugoshance Mackinaw City Trail marathon. Something I've wanted to do for a long time, but now I actually had the opportunity. It was a relaxed, muddy, wet race...flashbacks of the Indiana Trail 100 shot through my mind over some parts of the course and down pour created an experience I wouldn't forget. I finished 2nd, 3:46. 

Onto the next weekend...a one mile race with my nieces and camping made for an exceptional weekend. Niece Emma dominated. Just turning 5, she ran the one mile course in 8:39! 

As I boarded the plane back to Colorado, another surprise... my parents informed me they were jumping in the car the next day to drive out to Colorado and bring me the family bassinet and rocking chair. Yay! Another week of fun back in Colorado with family and friends and now we are on our way to the Ouray Colorado 100 mile to volunteer.   

As always- thanks to my sponsors- The Simply Bar, Ultimate Direction, GU Energy, and Icespike! 

TEAM YATES~ Our long 4th of July weekend didn't start off too hot. The original plan was to head up to the mountains Thursday for some all out camping with complete gear, food, and comfort. Those plans quickly faded out with our truck's engine as we headed up I-70. 

No worries, we made it back home going 20 miles an hour after a few HOT, disappointing hours later! As Wyatt scrambled to unload the truck and bike to go get his car (which we left at his work), I hit the computer trying to decide what we could do to save our 4th of July weekend. It was clear we would have to go minimal because there wasn't any way we could fit our full on camping gear in the car. Backpacking it was! 

BUZZZZZZZ! 4am, I slapped the alarm and all of us (Bo, Zoey, Wyatt, and Myself), awoke with excitement. We decided on the Ben Tyler Trail, connecting to the Colorado Trail..and the original plan was to trek up to Kenosha Pass and camp. Well, we didn't make it to all the way up to Kenosha pass before a thunderstorm rolled in so we made camp at  Rock Creek Campground. That was fine by us! It has been a long day already, especially because the back side of Ben Tyler was not maintained, there were TONS of fallen trees to where we had to use the GPS to navigate because there was no trail left, and a break from the swarms of mosquitoes and bugs would be welcomed!

Rock Creek campground was beautiful! Complete with waterfalls, sites on the river and plenty of trees for shade and protection. The next morning we made our way back over the mountain much quicker than the day before and/or even anticipated so we planned to keep the adventure going!  Returning to the car and then finding another campsite at Miller Gulch outside of Bailey CO. Fun times and a saved 4th of July weekend!!! 


Thanks to:
Icespike- great traction in supportive shoes!
Simply Choices-  The simply bar, simply protein chips (GREAT GREAT PRODUCT FOR CAMPING)
GU Energy- Chomps and Gels- much needed electrolytes on the hike!
Ultimate Direction- hydration gear..need I say more?! 

6/14/14 -  GUNNISON COLORADO- 100K ENDURANCE RUN.  Elevation 8,000 + (11,638 elevation change)

Running a 100k in the majestic mountains of Colorado at 4 months pregnant was truly a treat.   I don't write this to gloat, I write this for sponsors and those who have a positive outlook on pregnant runners. So please, do like your momma told you...and if you don't have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all~  

I speak for myself and the other million of pregnant runners (like the numerous pregnant runner support groups on facebook I found) ...who have accomplished amazing feats while staying healthy. Please don't take this the wrong way. I am not encouraging those who don't have the experience, who don't know themselves to the utmost extreme, to go run a 100k. 

This race was divided into 2 start groups: 4am and 6am. Those wanting to take on the cool, dark brisk morning would start at 4am.  I was there... and so happy I was.  After a nice 5 mile conversation with my new friend, Jason, I navigated my way through some thick bushes, focusing on the rocky terrain and eventually found myself running solo.  

For as far as I could see, there was no one in front or behind me. There were no homes, cars, or other animals, Just me... surrounded by majestic mountains with the glowing, golden sun peering over the mountain tops.  This would be a sight, a moment, and an experience I will never forget.  Only 10 miles in at this point, and I had already accomplished what I came here for,  "A MOMENT." 

Continuing on over the rolling hills, I hardly felt pregnant (except when I looked down and saw my bump!). Obviously keeping the baby in mind, 100% of the time...I made sure to stay extra hydrated (peeing every 30 minutes on the dot!!), as well as cool, calm, and fed (still loving my simply bars and some low/no caffeine GU Gels)... salty caramel is still the all time favorite! 

It helped that Leila Degrave ( an Inov8 sponsored, elite athlete) started at 6am. I felt no competitiveness. Keeping the climbs at a very slow or walking pace as well as a short stride on the downhill, allowed my heart rate to stay very low, my body temperature down, and the rest of me relaxed. 

100k's later, after a very slow 3rd loop of 3, I was happy to finish (especially because I went into the event with the intent on only completing two loops with the 3rd one being questionable). ...but continued on hiking and enjoying the sites for that final loop.  

I can't thank my wonderful husband, Wyatt, and the Yates crew (Bo and Zoey) for there endless support. 

Looking for a "MOMENT" for yourself???   WWW.EVERRUNRACING.COM  events and volunteer opportunities in the stunning Colorado mountains! 

Thanks to my sponsors:   VIDEO BELOW!!!!   
~ Ultimate Direction
~ The Simply Bar
~ GU Energy
~ Icespike

USING COUPON CODE MYUD20  !!! Get you some :) 

Memorial Day Weekend---->About 13 weeks pregnant, Wyatt, myself, and Bo and Zoey headed out to Buena Vista Colorado for some fun in the rain, sleet and snow.  Camping and hiking were on the top of the list and we had some adventurous times out by twin lakes on the Colorado Trail. ( ps..thanks to all the service men and women and their families who provide us with our freedom!)

I have been feeling better and ready for some light trail running. The first few months of pregnancy where just down right torture for me.   I was lucky enough to sleep most of it, but that meant little to no training at ALL! However, I was able to sneak in that 50k at about 9.5 weeks. At about 6.5 weeks I woke up and shuffled may way to the fridge, starving...only to open it and just about puke right in it!  The odd smells and tastes from pregnancy hormones had gotten to me.  I could hardly put anything down and when I did, it all tasted weird.  This led to some unusual Michele Yates nutrition. For the next month and through our Buena Vista camping expedition, my diet would struggle. A few times a day, the unhealthy easy food items (like chips!) seemed to be the only thing I wanted. Of course knowing I was also feeding the baby, fruit and veggies were also always included. 

My training was back on track after those first few months and I have been splitting my weeks with biking or elliptical a few times a week and running/hiking. I still continue to weight train (although modified), 3x a week. Blessed with creativeness, I've also managed to form my bouncing drills into some great stationary drills for speed and leg turnover for when that time comes again! Our schedule has seemed to be crazy busy this summer, but I hope to still "run" some races and visit family in Michigan!

My funniest prego moment so far has been when I put the frozen raspberries in the cereal cupboard and found them melted all over a few hours later :) 

Please feel free to ask more questions and if you have any easy trail race suggestions, let me know! thanks~

Ultimate Direction
GU Energy
The Simply Bar

Normally I post my client successes on facebook, however...it's been brought to my attention that not everyone (believe it or not), is on facebook! 

With that said, I would like to give a HUGE shout out to ALL of my clients. There have been so many great accomplishments achieved in this past year, some of which most people never even dream of.  YOU ALL INSPIRE ME AND MAKE ME SOOOO PROUD!!!

I'd like to share a great race report from Yoshiko Jo, a newer client of mine who just ran 116 miles in 24 hours!!!  Maybe you can learn a thing or two from her, get inspired, and even find the motivation to pursue your first 24 hour race! 


< Pre-race and general>
* I followed your training schedule very well.  I could follow 90% of what I was supposed to.

* My daily diet is going very well.  I am eating a lot of raw veggies.  My new custom is to take much more protein.  I thought I was taking enough protein before I met you but compared to now, it was not enough.  I am a big fan of egg beater and egg white.

* I slept very well especially on the race week. I think I could sleep about 9 hours everyday.

* I usually eat overload before (and at) the race, but I followed your advice.  I leaned that I don't have to eat like a teenage boy for the race. I think I tend to eat more when I am nervous, but I was so happy to follow your plan and I wasn't nervous.

< During the race>
* I had no pain.  I had no issue and no drama.  I wasn't sleepy. I was happy with my condition all the time.

*  I focused very very well. My goal was 113 miles. I ran 116 miles. First half (12 hours)  60 miles and second half 56 miles. I kept the even pace throughout the day.

* I followed each of your advice very carefully and all worked very well.

* I took saltstick every 45 minutes.  I prepared mini size ziplock with a list of time I was supposed to take a tablet.  I didn't miss any.

* I took only water and coke throughout the race.  It worked very well.

* I had gels very often especially towards the end.  It worked very well.

* One thing, I couldn't follow was to take a bar every 2 hours. I don't like eating bar from the begin with,  but I was ready to take them.  However,  I ended up eating real food very often but small amount., instead of taking bars.

* I usually take bacon strips and sausages, but I stayed away from them this time. Instead, I kept asking egg wraps at the kitchen throughout the race.  

* I also took soups and mushed potatoes (but one or two bites each time) from time to time.  

* I didn't need any pain killer.

* My legs didn't hurt but got a couple of minor blisters.

* I took a gel 15 min. before the start.

* I had a bite of banana bread in 15 minutes of the start.

* I was told I was smiling all the time.

* I baked banana bread and ate it during the race.

* I had to go to bath room so many times (like every mile) first few hours of the race. And I still could pee a lot.

< After the race>
* I had an electrolytes right after the race, but no protein as there was nothing they provided at post-race event. I could have taken a protein bar but I didn't think about it...

* I was so tired when I got home but I took a moment to put my butt into ice bath, and then epsom salt bath.

* I could not move a day after.  I'm already on a break and I stayed home and stretched a bit and had a lot of electrolytes. Good protein meals throughout the day.

* However, my recovery is speedy afterwards. Yesterday was already fine, and today, as a third day after the race, I feel I am normal except for a minor soreness which should be gone soon as time goes.

* My passing time of 100 mile was the same range as my 100 mile PR. I thought I would pass the 100 mile marking point much faster this time but I didn't. My PR is 20:40 something. But when I ran 20:40ish last year ( my official PR is 21:54 and it was 105 miles) I felt I gave it all, but I didn't feel the same way this time. I still have to go a few more hours.

It was a very fun experience.  I talked to myself several times that Michele's training plan is working! I see why I needed to work on speed.  I rested well and I did not feel crappy at all.

Thanks Michele, for all of your guidance. I will rest one more day and will go back to your training then.  I am very much looking forward to run better in next 24 hr race in November.  

I am super excited to stick with your training plan. I feel like I am turning into someone both physically and mentally stronger :)

btw, my close friend just had a baby a couple days ago.  I am so excited.  I hope your pregnancy is going well!!



I often get asked to describe what it takes and to reveal some tips on stepping up to the ultra distance.   Of course it ultimately depends on the goals that you have for an ultra, but in general, preparation is key.  Physical, mental, nutritional, and gear rundown are critical.
 Physically, one must train their body in many different aspects in order to get through all the challenges that they will encounter in an ultra.  This would include: running (different types-uphill, downhill, technical trails, and weight bearing road workouts), hiking, strength and core training.
The mental success typically comes naturally with stressing your body physically. The more physical training you put your body , and the more demands placed upon it, creates mental toughness. However, in an ultra, things will ALWAYS go wrong, and one must immediately decide before they even start the race, that they will finish no matter what.
Nutritionally, ultras are a trial and error event.  It is best to try different foods out during some of your training runs in order to avoid stomach havoc in a race.  One must also pay attention to their daily diet. If you want to succeed, you will need quality fuel for your everyday workouts, and the best recovery foods to get the most out of your body.   My basic diet is one with mostly RAW foods and lean proteins.  I race best with salt stick salt tabs, The Simply Bar (Lemon Coconut), and GU Energy gels (Salted Caramel, Chocolate Raspberry, and other varieties).  Flavors can matter in a race too! Be sure to test out a variety because your taste buds will be fussy during a long race. 
Finally, your gear is equally as important. Comfort tops looks in an ultra (sorry ladies!).  Luckily, most running attire is practical for longer distances and even have special features like, sun block rain repellent, etc...and still look awesome.   My gear includes, 3 pairs of race shoes (I always test them out the day before on the course, with or without Icespikes- most trails easily need extra traction,Icespikes are a life saver for these types-especially mountain passes), a rain jacket, arm warmers, gloves (a few pairs if the weather is “ify”, hat, visor, shorts, sports bra, compression socks, gaiters (a must have on rocky or gravel road courses), and a few shirts.  Hydration gear- A MUST- I always take a few items just in case: my Ultimate Direction Vest, belt, and a few handhelds.
for our subscribers only!

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WHAT A BEAUTIFUL RACE!!! HOW BLESSED AM I?!... Let's just get to it. 

 For those who don't know yet, I am pregnant! By the time you read this, I will be about 10 weeks. I was diagnosed with Thyroid Disease (high Thyroperoxidase Antibodies) and am very fearful of not having a healthy baby (the Thyroid affects the babies development tremendously). We hope, that I was put on medication in time! 

Moving on...I got the green light from the docs to race. Okay, not really "race," but run in some organized events :) Abiding by the rules: 1. Train smart 2. Don't overheat 3. Stay hydrated 4. Use the talk test, if you can't talk your baby can't breathe! With this in mind...and VERY little training in the past two months, Wyatt and I and the dogs set out for Cimarron Colorado. 

*The babies health will always be #1 in my mind in whatever I do over the course of this next year, but doctors approve of me still running as long as I feel good.  I don't just feel good, I feel BETTER when I run. I sleep better, I don't get leg cramps, and it eliminates gas and nausea (no sugar coating from this lady). So with that said, I want to continue to run/race throughout pregnancy and stay active in the running community. 

*Cimarron 50k was opportunity #1. ...and I took it! Ever Run Racing is the name of the event series down there (Cimarron, Ouray, Gunnison...south west Colorado)  www.everrunracing.com. If you haven't checked out their website and events yet, you are MISSING OUT!!!.. The video below will illustrate what a BEAUTIFUL course it was! Not only is the racing experience awesome, but I'd recommend taking the whole weekend and going camping too! There are tons of neat campgrounds around the Blue Mesa and all over the area. 

The race went like this:
I actually felt pretty good. Although my belly is very much rounded now, I forget sometimes that I'm pregnant...Until my boobs start hurting ( YES I have some boobs now, a perk with pregnancy!), I'm hungry a mile down the road, and I have to pee 20 minutes into the start...and then 7 times after that ( that's a lot in a 50k race :) My goals were simple for this race. Enjoy it, finish IF you can, but don't push it. I didn't set out to win, break any records, or dominate the men :) I sincerely just wanted to run, and that is what I did. The rolling hills and breath taking views allowed a peaceful flow to happen. To my luck, I ended up finishing first female out of the handful of runners there and running a 4:41:55. As always, huge thank you to THE SIMPLY BAR , ICESPIKE , ULTIMATE DIRECTION, and GU ENERGY

The course stats:
5,920 feet of elevation change (2,960 gain/2,960 loss).  Maximum elevation of 8,712 feet.