Hello awesome fans, clients, and supporters.  If you are interested, please follow this link to vote for you favorite ultra runner of the year ( IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ME...THERE ARE PLENTY OF AWESOME ATHLETES IN THIS DIVISION- but your support is very much appreciated for this growing sport!)...


If you do decide to vote for me, my bio is: 

1.January 1/12/13 Bandera 100k USA 100k Trail Champs 1st Female 10:08:48
2. March 3/2/13 Nueces 50 Mile USA 50 Mile Champs 1st Female 4th Overall (NCR) New Course Record 6:53:25
3. April 4/21/13 Indiana Trail 100 mile 1st Female and 1st Overall 17:35 NCR
4. World Championships IAU July 2013 103rd place-injured but helped USA score for the first time ever as a team
5. September 9/14/13 Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile 1st Female 7th Overall 20:16:54 NCR
6. UROC 100k 9/28/2013 3rd Female 19th Overall 12:46:24



Michele Yates (Suszek)
10/22/2013 13:47

ps..it's just a nomination but nominations are important too :) ...voting will take place among other USATF representatives I believe

10/28/2013 08:59

You had a great year, and will be nominated!


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